Hello & Welcome! My name is Rachel Wright and I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

I work with motivated adults who seek greater satisfaction with the relationships in their life. My goal is to help individualscouples heal wounds from their past. By doing this, you can gain clarity, peace & acceptance of your present – to feel optimistic about your future. I am currently dually licensed in California and Colorado for psychotherapy and see coaching clients all over the globe. 

I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology – with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy – from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition to holding my therapy license, I am also a certified relationship coach. Being a coach, I’m able to help, educate and support couples and individuals all over the world. Not everyone or every couple needs therapy! You can read more about that here!

As a psychotherapist, I embrace the following philosophies:

    • First, I believe that therapy is about you
    • Second, I believe that therapy begins with compassion and understanding
    • Third, I believe in harnessing your natural strengths to promote insight, intuition, and change
    • Fourth, I believe that a therapeutic relationship is interactive & collaborative
    • Fifth, I believe that you deserve unconditional support and love
    • Sixth, I believe that you can feel pain without suffering
    • Seventh, I believe that our thoughts lead us to our feelings and those feelings lead to our behaviors
    • Eighth, I believe that both therapy and coaching work best when both of us are invested in your healing and growth. 
    • Ninth, I believe that my job as your partner in wellness is to gently challenge you to try different ways of thinking and behaving so that you can feel better. Your job is to do your “homework” between sessions
  • And finally, I believe that change is possible when you put your relationship ahead of your ego.

If you’d like to read more about my theoretical orientations aka, how I DO psychotherapy – you can read this page I wrote here. If you’re interested in coaching, online group programs, or education — check out Wright Wellness Center‘s home.

Please explore the rest of my website and let me know if you have any questions about my training, our work together, etc.

HELPFUL HINT: Check out the FAQ Page. It’s a compilation of so many questions I’ve been asked over the years.


Psychotherapist and Therapeutic Relationship Coach, Rachel Wright is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern and millennial relationships. She is the co-founder of Wright Wellness Center where, together with her husband and team, she is on a mission to help people have better sex, relationships, and mental health, through a growing catalog of masterclasses, online programs, resources, and a supportive online community. She’s been referred to as someone “bridging the gap between a self-help book and a therapist’s couch.” Rachel is also a sex educator, speaker, and writer, and the co-host of the Bachelor-themed podcast The Wright Reasons, that hosts a weekly discussion about all things The Bachelor through the lens of healthy relationships. She has been featured widely in the media, including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Women’s Health, NBC News Radio, Refinery29, PsychologyToday, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, and dozens of other outlets.

Learn more at http://wrightwellnesscenter.com or by following @thewright_rachel and @wrightwellnesscenter on Instagram.